Mar 30, 2011 Evening Update

7:00 PM: The first storm that was expected for tonight is currently in Pennsylvania, producing rain and moderate to heavy snow. While heavy precipitation is not expected to fall in the area tonight, precipitation does seem to be heavier than the models are showing. Moderate precipitation will fall in the area tonight, which should be mainly rain but with snow also falling north and west of NYC and potentially a few flakes in NYC itself. At this time, very little, if any, accumulations are expected for the interior parts of the area, though especially if a heavy burst of snow falls tonight, light accumulations cannot be ruled out for the higher elevations. More updates on this storm will be posted tonight.

Stay tuned for more information tonight on the storm for Thursday night and Friday. There continues to be uncertainty, but there is enough confidence for a Snow Watch for the interior parts of the area and a Rain Watch for Long Island, where 1 to 1.5 inches of rain may fall.

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