Feb 5, 2011 Storm Updates

Below, storm updates will be posted for the light mix event affecting the area.


8:55 PM: As the storm’s warm front is moving through the eastern parts of the area, surface temperatures have quickly warmed well into the 40s and even lower 50s across most of Long Island and southern Connecticut. An area of thunderstorms previously moved through these areas, and another heavy thunderstorm is currently moving into eastern Long Island and will later on affect far SE Connecticut.

The cold front will soon move through the eastern and central parts of the area, with temperatures expected to start dropping across the area over the next several hours. Isolated showers are possible, though no more steady rain is expected out of this storm.

5:00 PM: Light to moderate rain continued to affect the area over the last several hours, with light freezing rain inland, however the precipitation has mostly ended across the area. The storm is currently in western Pennslyvania, well west of where it was originally supposed to be, and is expected to move towards southern Maine.

An area of rain in Pennsylvania may move on to affect the area later this evening, with otherwise occasional showers, however most of the rain has ended by now.

The next update will be posted tonight, focusing on the next two storm threats.

12:00 PM: Earlier this morning, we saw a widespread light snow, sleet and freezing rain affect the area, with light snow accumulations away from New York City. NYC and places further east have changed over to rain as of now, with places west of NYC seeing a light freezing rain, with the potential of up to 0.2 inch of ice in the western parts of the area.

Yesterday, it was mentioned that there was still some last minute uncertainty with the storm, and it has ended up well north of where it was expected to be, currently bringing light precipitation into southern/central Michigan, north of where it was supposed to be as of last night. This is pushing in warm air with 850 mb temperatures expected to warm up above freezing for a large part of the region, resulting in a widespread wintry mix in the central Northeast, which just two days ago appeared to be potentially too far west to receive any snow according to some models.

Most of the rain is expected to miss the area, with at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch of rain in the area with the highest amounts further north/west, though temperatures will warm up into the mid to upper 30s for New York City and further east. More updates on this will be posted later today.

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