Feb 28, 2011: Dry Week Coming Up

After today’s morning thunderstorms which produced moderate rainfall amounts for the area, an area of light to moderate precipitation is currently moving from west to east across the area. While for the immdiate NYC area and Long Island, this should stay as plain rain, for the interior parts of the area precipitation may mix with light snow before ending.

Temperatures tonight will drop into the 20s away from the NYC area, with high temperatures tomorrow returning into the 40s. After briefly warmer temperatures on Wednesday, Thursday will bring a brief return to winter-like temperatures, with morning temperatures in the 10s away from New York City and high temperatures struggling to reach the 30-35 degree mark across parts of the area. Temperatures will warm up again by the weekend, however with this warm up, another storm will affect the region.

Tomorrow’s Outlook:

Tomorrow will be a mainly sunny day across the area with a light north wind expected as a high pressure will be near the area. Temperatures will be colder than today, peaking in the upper 30s to lower 40s for most of the area with lower to mid 40s in the immediate NYC area. A few upper 40s are possible south and west of NYC.

Wednesday – Friday: Variable Temperatures

The three day period from Wednesday through Friday will bring dry conditions to the area, but with rapidly changing conditions, going from March-like temperatures to January-like temperatures in just one day. Wednesday will be a mild day across the area, with high temperatures expected to peak in the mid 40s for the eastern parts of the area, mid to upper 40s inland, and in the upper 40s to mid 50s in the immediate NYC area along with a southwest wind.

A weak low pressure in Canada, meanwhile, will bring a strong cold air mass into the region, and while it won’t be extremely cold, it will bring temperatures well below the average for this time of the year. Low temperatures on Wednesday night will drop into the lower to mid 10s for interior areas and into the mid to upper 10s for the rest of the area except for New York City and Long Island. With a strong high pressure just to the north of the area, Thursday will bring sunny skies with unusually chilly temperatures, peaking in the upper 20s to lower 30s inland and in the lower to mid 30s for the immediate NYC area.

On Thursday night, despite cold overnight temperatures returning, with mid 10s to lower 20s away from New York City, cloud cover will begin to increase, with Friday’s high temperatures similar to tomorrow’s temperatures, in the upper 30s to mid 40s across the area.

Friday – Monday: Mostly Cloudy, Becoming Wet

By Friday, mostly cloudy skies will return to the area with a few showers possible overnight, but the main storm won’t reach the area until Sunday. There is a lot of uncertainty with the set up of the storm and the smaller details, but there is the potential for moderate to potentially heavy rain to affect the area on Sunday and Monday with high temperatures returning into the 50s. Stay tuned for more information on this time frame once details become clearer.

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