Feb 10, 2011: Warmer Times Ahead

After a weak storm passed through the southern Mid Atlantic, bringing widespread light snow to these areas and cloudy skies to the NYC area, today brought clearing skies with high temperatures similar to those of yesterday. As we are seeing mostly clear skies with a cold air mass in place, temperatures are quickly dropping across the area, and are expected to drop into the single digits away from New York City, and potentially below zero for the interior parts of the area.

Tonight will likely be the coldest night until next winter, however, as a warmer pattern will develop for the area starting this weekend, bringing temperatures into the 40s for most of the area on Sunday and Monday, and eventually bringing temperatures into the 50s and potentially even 60 degrees for the area by late next week.

Tomorrow’s Outlook:

After the cold temperatures tonight, tomorrow will bring warmer temperatures than today, but the warmest has yet to come. High temperatures will be in the lower 30s inland and in the lower to mid 30s for the rest of the area. A WSW wind is expected.

Saturday – Tuesday: Mild

On Saturday, as a SW wind develops along with partly sunny skies and warming 850 mb temperatures, high temperatures will rise into the mid 30s to lower 40s across the area. Two weak clippers expected to move to the north of the area on Sunday and Monday will bring even warmer temperatures, which may peak in the upper 40s in NYC on Monday. As temperatures will be warm in the 850 mb and surface levels, if any precipitation falls, it should fall as rain, except for interior areas which may see a light mix in the morning and overnight hours.

On Tuesday, even though colder 850 mb temperatures move into the area, temperatures will fail to significantly cool down, only reaching the mid 30s to lower 40s across the area for highs.

Wednesday And Beyond: Even Warmer

Starting on Wednesday, as a southwest wind develops and 850 mb temperatures begin to rise above the freezing point, much warmer temperatures will develop across the area, expected to be in the mid to upper 40s across most of the area. By Thursday, as a storm in Canada pushes out the cold air with another developing storm near the NW US, temperatures will warm up even more, and with Friday currently expected to be the warmest day, high temperatures may reach well into the 50s, and even lower 60s are possible in the warmer case scenario.

After Friday, temperatures appear to cool down, however another storm may affect the area around February 21. Stay tuned for more information on the long range.

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