Feb 1-2, 2011 Poll Results

4:35 PM: The 5-Day Forecast page has been updated for the immediate NYC area this morning, and is currently in the process of being updated for the western and eastern parts of the area. By the time tonight’s update will be posted, it should be completely updated for the entire area.

In addition, snow watches will be issued for the western parts of the area shortly, and an updated February outlook will also be posted either later tonight or tomorrow in the late afternoon.


Over the last several days, NYC Area Weather ran two polls, one about the ice storm that affected the area, and the other about how much snow NYC will see by the end of this winter. Here are the results for both polls, with the correct answers for the first poll bolded.

What will the area see on 2/2? (35 votes)

0 votes – Storm clips NYC with light snow
6 votes – Moderate snowstorm
10 votes – Major snowstorm
6 votes – Snow to ice storm
8 votes – Snow/ice to rain storm
5 votes – Mostly rain storm

How much snow will NYC see for a total this winter? (63 votes)

56-60 inches – 5 votes
60-65 inches – 2 votes
65-70 inches – 11 votes
70-75 inches – 7 votes
75+ inches – 38 votes

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