Jan 7, 2011 Storm Updates

In this post, storm updates will be posted on the inverted trough that is currently affecting the area. In addition, an update will be posted later this afternoon on what appears to be a potential second round of snow tomorrow for the southern and eastern parts of the area that was previously not expected.


2:00 PM: The heaviest snow is currently in SW CT, with more heavy snow moving in from eastern Long Island as the inverted trough shifts east. Snow rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour are falling there, and these will continue to shift east, as a band of very heavy snow is about to move into south central CT, east of Bridgeport. While moderate to heavy snow will also move into most of southern CT, the heaviest snow is likely to end up near SW CT.

The snow is now starting to end for NYC, however we are seeing another band of moderate to locally heavy snow forming and intensifying in southern NYC, moving NNE. This band of snow is in the back end of the storm, and will slowly shift east while moving north, bringing steadier snow for Long Island with more moderate to heavy snow for Westchester county and SW CT.

While the snow in Long Island is now expected to stay under the forecasted amounts for today, as from reports in Long Island the snow failed to accumulate much, the second round tomorrow afternoon involving a rapidly intensifying coastal low pressure may bring a round of moderate to potentially locally heavy snow for Long Island, Connecticut and the rest of southern New England depending on how far west it ends up. More updates on this potential will be posted later this afternoon and tonight, which may also bring some more snow into the immediate NYC area tomorrow.

12:30 PM: While snow amounts so far for the area are close to the forecast, the storm did not go as expected with the timing, as the timing was much faster than expected. Instead of snow moving in during the morning hours for NYC, there was already heavy snow falling in the central and western parts of the area by then. Despite the expectation for the snow to continue through the mid afternoon hours for NYC, it has already ended for the western parts of the area, even though it is only starting to affect the eastern parts of the area, where rain is mixing with the snow in Long Island.

The heaviest snow is currently located near SW CT and NE Westchester county, moving to the NNW but shifting slightly east, with bands of heavy snow developing in central Long Island. On the western side of the strom, a band of heavy snow is currently in the Bronx, eastern Bergen and southern Westchester counties moving north, and a weaker band is currently forming in Hudson county, NJ and is moving NNE. Behind this second band, the steady moderate snow should come to an end in NE NJ, with occasional light snow, and a steady light snow continuing in NYC.

From now until the mid afternoon hours, the heaviest snow will fall from central Long Island to SW CT and into interior SE NY. At least 3-5 inches of snow are possible by the mid afternoon in SW CT and interior SE NY with snow rates between 1-2 inches per hour expected, with the snow slowly moving into south central Connecticut. Long Island will see light snow amounts due to marginal temperatures which are currently near to slightly above freezing, and mixing with rain at times, with up to at least 3 inches possible, with southwestern Connecticut seeing the higher snow accumulations.

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