Jan 28, 2011: Storm Potential On Wednesday

Notes: The 5-Day Forecast was updated for the immediate NYC area only tonight. It will be updated for the rest of the area later tonight or tomorrow morning.

A new poll has been opened for Wednesday’s storm. In addition, below are the results for the poll for yesterday’s storm on its effect in the NYC area:

Total Votes: 58 votes

2 votes – Storm south of NYC, no snow
3 votes – Storm clips NYC with light snow
5 votes – Moderate snowstorm
31 votes – Major snowstorm
10 votes – Snow changing over to rain
7 votes – Mostly rain storm


Today was a mostly cloudy to cloudy day across the area as a weak clipper brought light snow mainly to the south of the area but with some light snow also affecting the NYC area, with a general dusting of snow and light snow still ongoing. Another clipper is on the way for tomorrow focusing further north that may bring a quick 1/2 to 1 inch for the area, with colder temperatures behind the clipper, however there is yet another storm threat for the medium range, and while it may not bring plain snow to the area, it still has the potential to be a big weather maker across the region.

Weekend Outlook:

Tomorrow will bring yet another weak clipper that will move through the area, though this time the clipper will be further north than that of today. Even though most of the snowfall from this clipper will fall to the west of the area as it weakens while moving east, it will still bring a widespread light snow to the area. A general dusting of snow is expected, though some places could see up to 1/2 inch, potentially up to 1 inch if there is more snow than expected.

Temperatures on Saturday will be in the lower to mid 30s across the area, with Sunday a little warmer.

Mid Week Storm: Significant Snow/Ice?

There continues to be uncertainty with the storm in the middle of the week, however the latest models are suggesting that another storm will affect the area during this time frame, with more snow possible once again. The storm track, however, is still uncertain, and puts the range for this storm from a major snowstorm to a mostly rain event.

It appears that we will see a primary low pressure on Tuesday night move through Tennessee into the Ohio Valley, with a transfer taking place to a low further east. The question is where this transfer takes place, with some models showing this further south with a major snowstorm for the area, others showing it near the area with snow to ice, and others further north with some snow to rain. There is still uncertainty with which solution verifies, though at this time I am leaning more towards the snow to ice to some rain solution. This is still in the longer range though, and is subject to change. Stay tuned for more information on this storm.

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