Jan 24, 2011 Brief Update

***This post is from 2011. Please visit the MAIN PAGE to see the latest forecasts for January 2012.


10 PM Edit: The 5-Day Forecast page was updated for the central and western parts of the area tonight. The next full update will be posted tomorrow night along with a full update for the 5-Day Forecast.


Due to technical difficulties, no full update will be posted tonight. A brief update will be posted tomorrow in the evening, with the next full update tomorrow night.

Update On Wednesday-Thursday Storm: Significant Snowstorm Potential

There was a lot of uncertainty with the storm until yesterday, when most of the models were all over the place, however today the models began converging on a solution. The latest expectation is for precipitation to begin falling on Wednesday in the late morning, starting out briefly with widespread light snow, changing over to rain closer to the coast and a wintry mix further inland with temperatures generally in the 30s.

On Wednesday night, the worst part of the storm is expected. As colder air comes in along with heavier precipitation, most of the area will change over to snow, with the potential for heavy snow in the central and western parts of the area. There is still uncertainty on how much snow falls, however there is the potential for 6 or more inches of snow to fall between Wednesday night and Thursday morning in NYC and further west.. Stay tuned for more information on this storm tomorrow.

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