Jan 15, 2011 Noon: Snow Approaching

***This post is from 2011. Please visit the MAIN PAGE to see the latest forecasts for January 2012.


12:00 PM: Most of the area is currently seeing mostly cloudy to cloudy skies, however a weak low pressure is currently affecting New York State. This low pressure is moving east, and will affect the area. While most of the snow will stay to the north of the area, there is a line of light to moderate snowfall over Pennsylvania moving east, and if it survives the passage through Pennsylvania and makes it into New Jersey, then the area can expect to see a period of light to moderate snow, with the potential of a dusting to 1/2 inch of snow, especially north of NYC.

The 5-Day Forecast was not updated yet due to some uncertainty with the Tuesday storm, however it will be updated later this afternoon, with some changes including lowering the forecast temperatures for Sunday night to the single digits away from NYC, a potential ice storm for the northwestern parts of the area on Tuesday, and an update on the arctic air mass for the weekend that may bring high temperatures in the 10s for most of the area. A storm summary for the January 11-12 storm will also be posted later today.

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