Jan 13, 2011 Quick Evening Update

***This post is from 2011. Please visit the MAIN PAGE to see the latest forecasts for January 2012.


9:15 PM: Very Cold Temperatures Expected For Tonight

Yesterday’s update mentioned the expectation for cold low temperatures tonight. At first, there was uncertainty with which night would be the colder one, either tonight or tomorrow night, and there is still some uncertainty, though it appears that tonight will end up colder than previously expected, with low temperatures similar to or even colder than those of tomorrow night.

Temperatures are steadily dropping across the area, already reaching the lower 20s in New York City. Low temperatures are expected to be in the mid, potentially lower 0s for NW NJ and Orange County in NY, mid 0s to lower 10s for the north/west suburbs of NYC and southern Connecticut, lower to mid 10s in Long Island, and in the mid to upper 10s for New York City. These changes will be reflected in the 5-day forecast once it will be updated later this hour.

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