Jan 12, 2011 Morning: Storm Ending

***This post is from 2011. Please visit the MAIN PAGE to see the latest forecasts for January 2012.


12:15 PM: Last night, after the last update was posted, heavy snowfall from central and southern New Jersey moved north northeast, affecting the rest of northern New Jersey. The storm continued to rapidly develop, bringing very heavy snow into places from NYC and further east as intense snow bands of near or over 35 dbz developed. There were even reports of thundersnow at the storm’s peak in southern New England including Connecticut. The storm ended earlier than originially expected, with the snow already ending in the morning, though this possibility was mentioned in the last update last night.

A storm summary will be posted for this storm as well as the January 7-8 inverted trough/coastal storm sometime over the next few days, though in western and central Connecticut, where the heaviest snow hit, snowfall amounts locally reached 2 feet as expected, and some locations even exceeded 2 feet of snow. Snowfall amounts in the immediate NYC area were generally in the 7 to 14 inch range.

The next full update will be posted tonight, with an update about the cold coming for the next few days, a potential light snow event on Sunday, another storm for early-mid next week, and the potential arctic blast that may reach the region between Jaunary 20 and 24.

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