1/8/11 Poll Results

12 PM: There was no update posted for the storm this afternoon, but expect most of the snow to stay south and east of NYC, with up to 1 inch, possibly 2 inches if it comes far north enough. The heavier snow should fall in eastern Long Island, with the potential for 3 to 5 inches of snow. The alerts page has been updated, with the latest alerts for the area from this storm.


Two polls that have been active over the last week have ended, with the results posted below.

January 7-8 Storm Poll:

0 votes – Storm away from area, snow showers
13 votes – Light snow in NYC, heavy snow further NE
12 votes – Heavy snow in NYC

Another poll was also active for the most extreme event of 2010. There was a total of 42 votes, with the results below:

20 votes – December 26-27 blizzard
8 votes – March 12-15 Heavy Rain/Strong Winds
6 votes – February 25-26 blizzard
4 votes – September 16 NYC tornadoes
2 votes – March 28-30 Heavy Rain event
1 vote – February 5-6 blizzard
1 vote – June 24 Severe Weather

A new poll has been opened for the storm between Tuesday and Wednesday, January 11-12. Please vote your thoughts in the poll, which will close on Monday morning. In addition, an update will be posted shortly on the snow event that will affect the area later today and an update on Wednesday’s storm.

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