Dec 9: Rain, Some Snow On Sun/Mon, Then Cold

Tonight’s update will be a brief one, and the 5-Day Forecast was updated for the immediate NYC area only. The forecast will be discussed in more details tomorrow.

Sunday-Monday Set Up:

For the storm on Sunday, we are looking at a main low moving into the southern Great Lakes moving ENE, similar to the scenario I mentioned 2 days ago but further north. This low pressure is then expected to become negatively tilted as a weaker secondary low forms west of I-95 and heads north, with the result being a much stronger low pressure by Monday morning near northwestern NY moving NNW, with minimum pressure reaching the 970s.

This solution will bring light rain on Sunday morning, potentially mixing with light snow/sleet north/west of NYC early, changing over to periods of occasional rain throughout the day with high temperatures warming up into the lower 50s in NYC. By the evening, as the cold front starts to approach, rain will continue falling, and as the cold front comes through overnight, expect a rapid drop of temperatures, potentially falling near/over 10 degrees in just 6 hours below the freezing mark overnight, leading to the potential of the rain freezing on surfaces. The rain will end by Monday morning, changing over to snow showers across the area.

Stay tuned for more details on this storm on Sunday with tomorrow’s post as well as what could come afterwards.

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