Dec 1 Noon: Rain Ending

3:50 PM: The final round of heavy rain is now moving through Long Island and southern Connecticut, producing a wind-driven heavy rain, with wind gusts near or over 50 mph expected as well as some thunderstorms. The storm produced over an inch of rain for a good amount of the area, with consistent windy conditions throughout the day, gusting near/above 50 mph in the immediate NYC area, leading to some wind damage.

Temperatures were steadily rising for most of the day across the area, reaching the 60s in some places, and behind this line of heavy rain, a much colder air mass is moving in, leading to temperatures rapidly dropping behind the line of rain. This cold air mass will also help bring in dry conditions into the area, and will stay around for a while, leading to consistently cold temperatures lasting through the weekend and into next week, with highs in the lower to upper 30s and lows in the 10s and 20s expected at this time.

An update could be posted this evening, which would focus on the snow potential on Sunday from a clipper that will stay to the south of the area but may produce snow as far north as central NJ or the NYC area.

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