Nov 25 Storm Updates

***NYC Area Weather has issued a Sleet / Freezing Rain Alert for Sussex and Orange Counties, in effect until this evening.***

Below, storm updates will be posted on the storm, which is expected to bring the second snow/sleet of the season to the central and western parts of the NYC area.

**Short term outlook maps will also be posted, click on the maps to view them in a larger size.**


5:00 PM: The snow/sleet part of the storm has ended for the area, as warm air advection is changing over any snow/sleet into rain and freezing rain in the higher elevations. The storm updates have ended for today. Stay tuned for an update later tonight about the longer range.

2:10 PM: Snow/sleet fell earlier this afternoon over much of central New Jersey and NW NJ, however due to the low dew points, the precipitation had difficulty moving further north, and light rain is now falling over NYC with sleet mixing in parts of Bergen County. While the dynamics aren’t as favorable as they were earlier this morning, there’s heavier precipitation in north central NJ moving east, which should result in sleet/wet snowflakes mixing in with the rain in the areas mentioned above, with another round of snow/sleet for north central and NW NJ.

Behind this area of heavy precipitation, expect the snow in NW NJ to gradually mix with and start to change over to sleet/rain.

11:40 AM: We are currently seeing heavy precipitation falling in Pennsylvania, with the eastern edge curving ESE into northern Delaware and southern New Jersey. Last night, snow/sleet fell over much of Pennsylvania, and as the cold air mass is moving out but the cold air is still trapped, the snow/sleet is now falling as rain/freezing rain in places that saw snow last night.

With the scenario mentioned last night, the front edge of the precipitation is now in western New Jersey and moving east. Due to the cold 850 mb temperatures and low dew points, evaporative cooling is taking place, meaning that despite temperatures appearing to be too warm for snow in northern New Jersey, they will drop once precipitation starts to fall, leading to snow, mixing with sleet at times.

There is already snow/sleet falling in parts of New Jersey and even Philadelphia, with accumulating snowfall reported in eastern Pennsylvania. As precipitation continues to move east, so will the rain/snow line, which should lead to snow/sleet falling over most of northern New Jersey by at least 12-2 PM, with accumulations up to 1/2 inch possible inland.

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