Nov 16, 2010 Noon: Rain Entering

10:00 PM: No full update will be posted tonight, though for the main part the forecast is mainly the same as it was yesterday. Either tomorrow or on Thursday, expect a new detailed discussion on the coming pattern.

In addition, the final 2010-2011 winter outlook will be posted either late this week or in the coming weekend. Stay tuned!


9:10 PM: Moderate to heavy rain is currently starting to fall in the immediate NYC area as expected from this afternoon, due to an area of moderate to heavy rain. Radar estimates show this area of rain dropping an additional 1/2 inch over most of the places it affected, and even though it has weakened, it will still be capable of producing 1/4 to 1/2 inch of rain with amounts potentially slightly higher in the areas of the heaviest rain, which should be in the immediate NYC area and potentially parts of Long Island. A rumble of thunder is also possible with the rain.

Once this round of rain ends, drier conditions will take place for the next several hours with occasional showers and rising temperatures, however the storm will not be over yet, as the cold front with the storms currently in western Pennsylvania/Virginia will move into the area, producing more heavy rain and thunderstorms later tonight.


5:15 PM: An intensifying storm that is currently moving northeast into Ohio from Kentucky has started to bring some light rain to the area. Some rain from this morning was associated with a different area of rain, though the rain this afternoon is associated with this storm as the northern edge of the rain continues to push north.

While the area is currently dry, a line of moderate rain in the central Mid Atlantic is moving northeast, and should bring another round of rain for the area this evening. Temperatures will remain steady in the area during the evening, and by at least 10 PM-12 AM, should start rising as the cold front approaches. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected to fall in parts of the overnight hours as temperatures rise, peaking in the mid to upper 50s inland and in Long Island/S CT and upper 50s to lower 60s for the immediate NYC area. The rain should end by tomorrow in the late morning hours as windy conditions develop.

The next update will be posted later tonight, with more information about the longer range.

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