Sept 22 Noon: Severe Storms

***NYC Area Weather has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for the entire area. While I may not update through the whole time, please refer to the National Weather Service for the latest alerts and warnings.***


8:45 PM: There are currently two strong/severe thunderstorms. The first storm is near Bridgeport, CT, moving ENE, and is capable of producing gusty winds, small hail, and heavy rain. The second and bigger storm is in Staten Island, and is going to shortly affect Brooklyn, Queens, and JFK/Long Beach. SW Long Island will be affected by this storm, which is capable of producing strong wind gusts, small to moderate hail, and heavy rain.

8:10 PM: A severe thunderstorm just moved through Bergen county, and is now entering Westchester County. Expect gusty winds, small hail, and heavy rain with this storm. This storm may clip SW Connecticut, including Stamford, before moving offshore. A strong thunderstorm is forming to its north, just north of Tarrytown, NY, and will move towards Bridgeport, CT.

A very intense severe thunderstorm capable of producing damaging wind gusts, moderate hail and heavy rainfall, as well as an isolated tornado, is approaching Perth Amboy and Staten Island. This is a very dangerous storm, take shelter if you are in this storm’s path.

7:00 PM: The severe thunderstorm has moved into Warren County, however the strong thunderstorm in Sussex has intensified and is now a severe thunderstorm, also capable of producing damaging wind gusts and moderate hail.

The storms have changed directions. They are now moving ENE, and the first storm is now expected to affect SE Passaic and central/northern Bergen Counties in NJ, and may reach Rockland county in NY. The second storm will move through central/northern Rockland and Westchester counties.

6:26 PM: A severe thunderstorm is currently entering Warren County in NJ, and is quickly moving to the ESE. This storm will move through Morris, Essex and Hudson counties in New Jersey, and New York City also needs to watch this storm for potential impact. Expect damaging wind gusts up to 60-70 mph, small to moderate hail, and heavy rain with this storm, and an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. Lighter rain and thunder will affect Sussex and Orange counties, though a strong storm is expected to move through parts of Sussex county.


6:05 PM: The severe thunderstorm threat I have mentioned over the last few days is now becoming reality, with severe storms in Pennsylvania rapidly approaching the area. Due to the hot and humid conditions today, with temperatures reaching the 90 degree mark in Newark, New Jersey, as well as sunny skies, there is a lot of instability, which is enough to maintain these severe storms as they enter the area.

Areas affected by the storms: These storms have a history of producing strong to damaging wind gusts, with a path of wind damage reported with a storm currently approaching western New Jersey, south of Sussex County. These storms will continue to move ESE, with the greatest impact likely to be in the western and central parts of the area, in places just north of, along, and south of Interstate 80. Further north and east, into South Connecticut and parts of Long Island, rain and some storms are still likely, but they will probably not be as strong as the storms to the south/west.

Strongest storms/impact: The strongest storms will likely affect a path from Warren County in NJ, reaching anywhere from Bergen county through NYC into Middlesex County. Expect strong to damaging wind gusts, small to moderate sized hail, and heavy rain with these storms, and while none of them show a tornado vortex, an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out.

The next update will likely be posted tonight, however it may only be a brief update.

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