Sept 16 Noon: Strong Storms

6:14 PM: The severe thunderstorm has intensified and has become more organized, and during the time that I did not update the website earlier this hour, the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for Brooklyn, something that doesn’t happen frequently there. The warning has been already cancelled.

The storm is currently in western Long Island and southern Connecticut, moving ENE, and the storm will be just north of Lake Grove in Long Island before moving offshore. Expect to see heavy rain in most of southern Connecticut, with the severe thunderstorms affecting the coastal areas of southern Connecticut. Expect rainfall amounts up to 1 inch in a very short period of time out of this severe storm.


5:00 PM: Due to a slight change in the forecast set up for the storm, the squall line is reaching the area earlier than expected, and is nearing New York City, moving NE quickly. Places from Rockland/Westchester counties and furthers south/east/NE can expect to see a quick round of strong to potentially severe thunderstorms, producing heavy rainfall, with up to an inch possible in a short period of time, and damaging wind gusts up to 60 mph. Small to moderate hail is also expected with some of these storms. The strongest storms will be from Middlesex County into western Long Island.

Behind this squall line, light to moderate rain will approach and affect the area through the overnight hours, but the rain will not be very heavy, and at least a total of 0.7 to 1.4 inch of rain is possible by the time that the storm ends, with locally higher amounts.

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