August 8: Heat Continues Until Thursday

Today ended up being more cloudy than originally expected, with even a few isolated showers moving through parts of the area. Despite this, the high temperatures were as expected, in the mid to upper 80s inland, with upper 80s for the immediate NYC area. Tomorrow will be even hotter, as another heat wave starts and lasts until Thursday.

Tomorrow’s Outlook:

Tomorrow will be even warmer than today, as a warmer air mass reaches the area. High temperatures will reach the upper 80s to lower 90s inland, and the lower to mid 90s for the immediate NYC area. With a SSW wind, Long Island and S CT will reach the mid to upper 80s.

An isolated shower or thunderstorm is possible tomorrow, especially in the northern parts of the area, however most of the storms will be to our north.

Next Week: Hot, Humid Conditions Continue

Tuesday will continue with the humidity and become even hotter, with high temperatures slightly warmer than Monday’s, with an isolated shower or thunderstorm also possible. With the humidity, it will feel like the upper 90s for the immediate NYC area. Wednesday will be slightly cooler and less humid than Tuesday, however temperatures will still be above 90 degrees for parts of the area. Dry conditions are expected for both days.

By Thursday, more uncertainty returns as some models show a low pressure approaching the area, with the GGEM bringing 2-3 inches of rain to the area. The GFS, however, only has isolated showers, and the DGEX has dry conditions with an onshore wind direction and below average temperatures. While at this time, scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected, I will keep an eye on the GGEM in case the wet solution verifies.

For the longer range, Friday and Saturday are likely to be slightly cooler, with Sunday warming up again as the next cold front approaches.

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