August 7: Another Heat Wave Starts Tomorrow

Blog Updates:

– ***The updated 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season forecast was posted in the Long Range Forecasts page, expecting 14-18 named storms, 6 to 11 hurricanes, and 3 to 6 major hurricanes.***
– The 5-Day Forecast page was updated for the area.


Today was a very nice day for the area, with high temperatures in the lower to mid 80s. It was actually quite chilly this morning for the interior areas, with low temperatures in the lower to mid 50s. This was the last of these days for a while, however, as yet another heat wave starts on Sunday and Monday and lasts through Thursday.

Tomorrow’s Outlook:

Tomorrow will be mainly sunny and dry, with a south wind expected, however temperatures will start to warm up. High temperatures will reach the mid to upper 80s inland, upper 80s to lower 90s for the immediate NYC area, and in the lower to mid 80s for Long Island and S CT.

Monday – Wednesday: Hot And Humid, Some Storms On Monday

Monday will continue to become even warmer and a little more humid, with high temperatures in the lower 90s for the immediate NYC area and upper 80s to lower 90s inland, with a weak cold front expected to approach. This cold front will be rather dry, and only widely scattered non-severe thunderstorms are expected.

For Tuesday and Wednesday, partly sunny and dry conditions are expected, but despite the cold front moving through, the air mass will not become colder, but rather warmer. Increasing humidity is expected, which combined with high temperatures in the upper 80s to lower 90s inland and lower to mid 90s for the immediate NYC area, will lead to hot and humid conditions once again returning to the area.

By Thursday, a low pressure is expected to approach the area but stay to our north, and similarly to what most of August could bring, New England will see the most rainfall out of this storm, with cooler than average temperatures. The area will see some thunderstorms, however the rain will not be as heavy as to our north, with slightly above average temperatures expected. For the southern Mid Atlantic, hot and dry conditions are likely to persist, with a severe drought in Virginia likely to persist.

Parts of the area, mainly in NE NJ, are now under a drought watch, with the US Drought Monitor placing parts of the area under a moderate drought. Thursday’s storms will likely prevent the drought from becoming worse for the short term, however they will do little to ease the dry conditions.

Brief Update On The Tropics:

Colin is barely a tropical storm, being stationary SSW of Bermuda with its wind speed at 40 mph. It is likely to pass near Bermuda, however it will not have a significant impact on Bermuda. Colin is likely to reach 45 to potentially 50 mph at most before it becomes extra-tropical over the next few days, with the extra-tropical system likely to affect Newfoundland.

In the eastern Atlantic ocean, there is another tropical wave currently active, which is relatively organized, and is likely to become a tropical depression or storm over the next few days. Behind it is another tropical wave, however no development for the short term is expected out of this wave at this time.

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