July 25, 2010 Storm Updates

4:51 PM: The rain is now ending across northern New Jersey and SE NY. There is still light to moderate rain in NYC and parts of Long Island and southern CT, which will continue to move east to ENE, ending over the next 1-3 hours.

The storm coverage has ended for today. The 5-Day Forecast page will be updated tonight. A brief update may be posted around 6 PM, which would include more details about the next potential of rain, as well as the potential cool down to follow.

3:58 PM: ***WARNING: A Tornado Warning is in effect for Suffolk County, NY***. The severe storm is now in central Long Island, moving SE. This storm is going to keep moving SE, and should move offshore within the next 20-40 minutes. It is still capable of producing very heavy rainfall and strong wind gusts. Moderate to locally heavy rain is now spreading into north central and NE NJ, and should continue to move ENE, spreading into SE NY and SW CT, as well as NYC and western Long Island.

In addition, NYC is currently dry, however rain should start again in the next few minutes. This dry slot will keep moving east, into Long Island.

3:24 PM: The severe storm is currently over southern Westchester county, moving east. This storm is still producing very heavy rainfall with low visibility, as well as strong wind gusts and small hail. Over the next hour, this storm will move through northwestern and central Long Island, producing up to an inch of rain in a short period of time.

There is now light to moderate rain falling over northern NJ and southeastern NY. This rain will continue for the next few hours, with an additional 1/2 inch of rain possible. In addition, there is a strong storm intensifying in southern Bergen county moving ENE, with another round of heavy rain in west central NJ, to approach the immediate NYC area within the next hour. Parts of northern New Jersey could end up with as much as 2 inches of rain by the time that this storm ends.

2:48 PM: The storm approaching eastern Bergen county is potentially producing small hail and gusty winds, however heavy rain continues to be the main threat with this storm, with up to 1 inch of rain possible in a short period of time.

Meanwhile, across the rest of the area, heavy rain is moving into Westchester county, as well as southwestern CT. Light to moderate rain is also moving into Staten Island. Over the next hour or two, rain and thunder should spread into most of the area, with light to moderate rain expected for the rest of this afternoon and evening, however, no severe weather is expected, as the parameters are not supportive. The highest risk of severe storms today is from southern PA/NJ and further south.

2:35 PM: There is a strong thunderstorm in eastern Passaic and western Bergen county, moving southeast. This storm is producing very heavy rainfall, with a history of producing 1-1.5 inches of rain, with strong wind gusts also possible. This storm is going to affect Bergen county, Rockland county, and parts of Westchester and Bronx counties within the next 30 to 60 minutes.

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