July 23 Afternoon Update

The area of rain mentioned in yesterday’s update ended up being further south than expected, which brought at least light rain to most of the area, with the heavier rain amounts focusing on northern NJ and the northern parts of the area. Rainfall amounts generally ranged from less than 0.1 inch in Long Island, to 0.1 to 0.5 inch for northern NJ, SE NY, and southern Connecticut. There are still some weak storms active over the eastern parts of the area.

Meanwhile, there is a small severe weather potential for later this afternoon. It is currently mostly cloudy and chilly across most of the area, with temperatures in the 70s. With sunshine expected for the next few hours, temperatures should rise rather quickly, into the 80s with a few lower 90s possible.

Looking at the radar above, there is an area of severe thunderstorms currently entering western NY, which should move on to affect parts of Pennsylvania, moving east at first then slowly turning towards the southeast. At this time, the areas most likely to be affected by this MCS should be places west and SW of NYC, towards western New Jersey, however the MCS is still far to our west, and it may end up slightly north or south of the forecast. If needed, a brief update will be posted around 8 PM, followed by a full update by 10 PM.

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