July 16: No Relief From Heat

For parts of the area, today was the hottest day since the early July heat wave, with the immediate NYC area reaching the mid to upper 90s. In fact, Newark, NJ reached 99 degrees today. Unfortunately, there is little or no relief from the heat, as other than a brief cool down in the middle of next week, with temperatures returning into the upper 80s, 90s should persist into the longer range.

Tomorrow’s Outlook:

Tomorrow should be about as hot as today, but with less humidity. With a WSW wind, high temperatures will reach the lower to mid 90s for the interior, mid to upper 90s for the immediate NYC area, and the upper 80s to lower 90s for Long Island and S CT. Due to dew points in the upper 50s to lower 60s, it should not be as humid as today was.

The area should stay dry for tomorrow, however it will not be as dry to our north and west, as there is a risk of thunderstorms tomorrow for western NY and PA. Some of these storms could reach strong to severe levels, though they are not expected to reach the area.

Sunday And Monday: Heat Wave Continues

The heat wave should continue through Monday. Sunday will not be as hot as the previous days, with high temperatures in the lower to mid 90s away from the coast, though Monday should be simiar to today, with high temperatures back into the mid to upper 90s for the immediate NYC area. It should also be more humid on Monday, with dew points in the upper 60s to lower 70s, leading to the heat index reaching the 100s again.

There is the potential for a few isolated storms on Monday. While a cold front should move through, it should already be weak when it reaches the area, with very little change in the air mass behind it. With relatively unsupportive severe weather parameters, scattered non-severe thunderstorms are possible for Monday, however they are not expected to bring heavy rain amounts like the storms earlier this week.

Longer Range: Heat, Dry Conditions Persist

Tuesday should be slightly cooler after the cold front passes with less humidity, with temperatures cooling down into the upper 80s to lower 90s. By Wednesday, however, temperatures already warm up again, reaching the lower to occasionally mid 90s away from the coast. This hot pattern is expected to sustain itself, and while there will be some cooler days, this current hot and dry pattern is expected to last into the longer range.

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