July 10, 2010 Storm Updates

10:59 AM: There is no longer a heavy rain threat for northern NJ and NYC today. The storm line continues to rapidly weaken, and is now nothing more than light to moderate rain. The National Weather Service has cancelled the flood advisories for the area, expect for eastern Long Island, however that is due to isolated heavy thunderstorm activity related to the humid air mass. These isolated storms should reach SE Connecticut later this morning.

Some rain is still likely for NE NJ, NYC and Long Island today, with rainfall amounts up to 1/4 or 1/2 inch possible with locally higher amounts, as some more rain is possible later this afternoon, however the heavy rain threat that was originally expected for today is very unlikely to happen.

10:22 AM: The storms continue to slowly move east around central NJ and for NW Connecticut, however the line is collapsing around northern New Jersey. Its eastern end has been stationary around far western Bergen County for the past hour, and with the western end slowly moving east, already over northwestern New Jersey, the rain is quickly weakening over northern New Jersey.

This only recently began to happen and it is uncertain if it changes the forecast or not, however should this band of rain continue to weaken, NE New Jersey and NYC may end up with significantly lower rain amounts than what was originally expected. More details will come later this hour.

9:25 AM: The line of storms is currently affecting northwestern NJ and southeastern NY, and for the next 1-2 hours, is approaching northeastern NJ, SW CT, and NYC. These storms are moving to the east very slowly, leading to flooding in some places, with radar estimates showing up to 3 inches in western NJ.

These storms are producing very heavy rain, and are capable of producing up to 1 inch in just 1/2 hour. Rainfall amounts should generally end up between 1 and 2 inches, with amounts locally reaching 3 inches.

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