July 1: Record Breaking Heat Starts July 4th

With the trough still in place, high temperatures were even colder than yesterday, in the lower to mid 70s inland, and in the mid to upper 70s for the rest of the area, along with partly sunny skies. Tonight will even be very chilly, with low temperatures in the upper 40s inland. Tomorrow should be the last of these days, however, as temperatures will quickly heat up starting on Saturday and Sunday.

Tomorrow’s Outlook:

For those who like comfortable weather, enjoy tomorrow, as it will be the last of these days for a while. As the heat should not reach the area yet, high temperatures will start to warm up but not too much, in the mid to upper 70s inland, in the upper 70s to lower 80s for the immediate NYC area, and in the upper 70s for Long Island and S CT. Mostly sunny skies are also expected tomorrow.

Due to the lack of precipitation over the next week, instead of showing the areas of rain across the region, which rain is not expected for the short term, I will post a map showing the forecast temperatures for this day. This map may be slightly off in some places, as it is only meant to show an overall view of the region’s temperatures, without going into too much detail. The coolest temperatures will be found in the interior Northeast, with highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s, with the warmest temperatures in southern Virginia, where mid 80s are possible.

Major Heat Wave Develops

Saturday will already bring warming temperatures to the area, with high temperatures reaching the mid to upper 80s away from the coast. This, however, will only be the start of what will be a major heat wave, potentially record breaking. Temperatures during the peak of this heat wave will be as high, if not slightly hotter than those of the June 2008 heat wave, and it is very important to not take this heat wave lightly.

Sunday will start the heat wave, with high temperatures reaching the lower to mid 90s away from the coast. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to be the hottest days, with high temperatures in the upper 90s to lower 100s for the immediate NYC area. The heat index should reach the 100s during these days. With a WSW wind, Long Island and S CT should also reach the mid 90s, locally in the upper 90s for western Long Island, with the immediate coast in the lower to mid 80s.

Thursday should start to slightly cool down, with high temperatures expected to be in the mid 90s for the immediate NYC area at this time. Friday is expected to have high temperatures in the lower 90s, possibly returning into the upper 80s, however there is uncertainty for this time period, as it is possible that rain returns once again. Some models have been showing a wet scenario starting on Saturday and lasting for a few days, while others keep our area dry and hot. While it is uncertain which scenario happens at this time, a wet solution is something to keep an eye on, especially considering how dry it is expected to be this coming week.

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