Short Term Forecast: Light Rain/Storms

2:10 PM Update: There is currently an area of weakening light rain in central Pennsylvania extending towards New York, moving east towards our area. While not all places will see rain, there will be cloudy skies across the area this afternoon. The best chance of rain should be in the western parts of the area, in northwestern New Jersey and Orange County, NY, where light to locally moderate rain is possible. Further east, areas of light rain are possible, with otherwise cloudy skies.

This area of rain is stabilizing the atmosphere, which despite supportive parameters, will limit severe weather potential across the region. In addition, the short term model RUC does not show widespread severe weather across the region.

Today’s severe weather forecast remains unchanged from yesterday, with a 10% risk in place for western Pennsylvania and New York for the potential of scattered thunderstorms, some of which could be locally strong. Not many severe weather reports are expected today, and those that do come out are likely to be wind reports in the western parts of the region. Afterwards, the area is likely to see non-severe rain and thunderstorms tonight.

Today’s update will be posted later this afternoon, including an update for the heat and humidity tomorrow and on Thursday.

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