June 5 Storm Updates

Brief updates on today’s storms are going to be posted below, as well as an overall view of what is happening across the region.


4:43 PM: Thunderstorms are already starting to form in the interior Northeast, where a tornado watch has been posted by the SPC. Thunderstorms are also starting to form in north-central Pennsylvania, which may approach our area later this evening. More updates will be posted once the storms reach the area.

7:03 PM Update:

Despite today originally showing signs of at least some thunderstorms, it appears that no strong to severe thunderstorms are going to affect the area into tonight. In my update this morning, I did mention the possibility that storms do not affect the area, and this now appears to be the case, as the closest storms are in northern Pennsylvania and do not appear to be moving SE towards the area. Some isolated showers and thunderstorms are still possible tonight, however the main activity tonight should stay to our south, with an area of heavy rain currently moving into southern Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Tomorrow still appears to be more favorable than today for severe weather, however considering that the last few severe weather outbreaks did not live up to their potential, nothing is certain yet regarding tomorrow’s strong/severe thunderstorm possibility. If any storms should approach the area, updates will be posted tomorrow, otherwise the regular daily discussion will be posted.

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