June 28, 2010 Storm Updates

5:00 PM: Today’s storm coverage has now ended. The storms in NE NJ/NYC are going to continue moving E to ENE, affecting parts of northern Long Island and S CT, with only isolated activity afterwards. An update will be posted later tonight, discussing this coming week and the longer range.

4:28 PM: There are still storms moving through the area, with south central Connecticut still seeing moderate to heavy rain and storms. The last round of storms is currently moving east to ENE through Morris County, producing additional moderate to heavy rain. This area of storms should reach southern Passaic, Essex, Hudson and southern/central Bergen counties within the next hour. It may also bring heavy rain to northern NYC and northern Long Island in the longer range.

Behind this area of storms, other than an isolated shower or two, today’s storm risk is expected to end. As expected from the start, due to the lack of supportive parameters, today’s threat was not severe thunderstorms, but rather scattered to widespread non-severe storms, and this also proved to be the case so far across the region, with only 3 severe weather reports so far.

4:05 PM: The area of storms in southern Connecticut continues to intensify while slowly moving ENE. This area of storms is capable of producing very heavy rainfall up to 3/4 to 1 inch and gusty winds, with the potential for some hail.

Northern New Jersey, however, continues to see heavy rain, with flash flooding expected along and just north of I-80. The latest storm is further south than the others and still intensifying (moving through central Morris county within the next 20 minutes), and may bring heavy rain to places that have not seen it yet today, including southern Bergen county within the next hour.

3:38 PM: Another area of thunderstorms is currently affecting western New Jersey, with a small thunderstorm for northern New Jersey. As with the rest of today’s storms, severe thunderstorms are not expected, however they are going to produce heavy rain with rainfall rates between 1 and 2 inches per hour, with the potential for gusty winds and possibly small hail in the stronger storms.

In addition, due to the storms constantly moving over northern New Jersey, flash flooding is possible in that area. Parts of northern New Jersey may end up with nearly 2 inches of rain today.

3:29 PM: A thunderstorm that just went through Bridgeport, CT has intensified and may reach strong levels, producing very heavy rainfall, gusty winds, and potentially small hail. Flash flooding may be possible in this storm cell, with rainfall rates between 1 and 2 inches per hour.

3:08 PM: There is currently an area of storms extending from NE NJ to Danbury, CT moving ENE. This area of storms is not severe, however it is capable of producing some lightning, moderate wind gusts, with the main threat being heavy rainfall locally up to 1/2 inch.

This area of storms should affect Bridgeport within the next 5-10 minutes, New Haven within the next 20-30 minutes, and Menden, CT in the next 30-40 minutes.

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