June 12: Some Storms Tonight, Tomorrow

Short Term Update: Locally strong thunderstorms are currently approaching the northernmost parts of the area, especially in southern New York, and are slowly moving southeast. These storms should affect southwestern Connecticut, south central Connecticut and southeastern New York later tonight.

There is some uncertainty with the storms’ southern extent, however it is possible that parts of northern New Jersey may be affected by these storms.

Sunday Outlook:

As the warm front should stall around the area, tomorrow is not going to be a very comfortable day. A weak low pressure should stay near the area, leading to mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers and thunderstorms. While no widespread strong to severe thunderstorms are expected due to the lack of supportive parameters, a few isolated storms may become strong, though the best chance for that should be to our south and west.

Meanwhile, temperatures are going to rise into the 80s across parts of the area. High temperatures should be in the lower to mid 80s for northern New Jersey and NYC, and some places may reach the upper 80s if there is enough sunshine. Humid conditions are also expected due to high dew points, making temperatures seem to be in the upper 80s. Due to an east to ENE wind, S CT and Long Island should stay colder, in the mid to upper 70s.

Next Week Overview:

There is still a model spread for next week, however some things are starting to become more consistent.

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