May 27 Storm Updates

In this section, brief updates will be posted for the severe weather outbreak that is expected to affect the western end of the area, including Sussex and Orange counties. Some storms are possible east of that area, though if any storms do reach places east of north-central New Jersey, they should not be severe.


7:32 PM: The last of the thunderstorms in the immediate NYC area are now about to exit the area from Stated Island, with moderate rain and thunder affecting parts of northern New Jersey, especially around the I-78 corridor. The thunderstorms in western New Jersey are still maintaining their intensity, producing heavy rain, strong wind gusts and hail, and should reach the Trenton area, as well as the rest of central NJ within the next hour.

Unless there is any immediate change, this is going to be the last storm update for tonight. Today’s update should probably be posted late tonight, though I may not have enough time to create a full update.

7:02 PM: Thunderstorms have reached the New York City area, with a line of storms having recently formed, affecting western Long Island, Central Park, and Jersey City. A strong thunderstorm is currently approaching Jersey City, producing heavy rain and potentially small hail.

Heavier storms continue to affect Somerset and Morris counties, and are expected to move out of that area within the next 1/2 to 1 hour.

6:33 PM: There are currently two areas of concern. The first is with a storm cell currently intensifying near Franklin, NJ (Sussex county). This cell is moving SSE, and should enter northern Morris county within the next 1/2 hour.

The second and bigger area of concern is in northern Warren county, where two intense storms capable of producing large hail, damaging wind gusts and heavy rain are located. These storm cells are moving SSE, and should affect the southern half of Warren county within the next 10-20 minutes.

5:48 PM: An area of heavy thunderstorms capable of producing heavy rain, gusty winds and small hail is currently affecting Orange county, and should reach Sussex and western Passaic counties within the next 1/2 hour. Locally heavy rain is possible out of these storms, reaching 1/2 inch in the heavier cells.

These storms may also reach Bergen County and the immediate NYC area, however they should weaken by then and produce light to moderate thunderstorms, locally heavy.

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