May 12: Warmer Temperatures To Return

Today’s temperatures were unusually chilly across the area, in the mid to upper 40s with a few lower 50s. In fact, these temperatures even set record low maximum temperatures across parts of the area. Thankfully, the next few days should be much warmer, and unlike last weekend, this weekend should be dry and comfortable.

Tomorrow’s Outlook:

The warmer weather that has been missing lately is on its way. While it shouldn’t immediately get very warm, tomorrow should still be much warmer than today, with high temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s inland, and in the lower to mid 60s for the immediate NYC area. In the other part of the region, however, temperatures in Washington DC and Virginia should be much colder, in the 60s instead of the 80s and 90s.

The region should also be dry, unlike today, when moderate rain fell in our area, with severe thunderstorms in Virginia and Maryland. The only area of rain should be in the western parts of the region, in western Pennsylvania and New York, from the same storm that will later affect our area on Friday.

Friday’s Storm Potential, Warmer Temperatures

Friday continues to warm up even more, with high temperatures even returning well into the 70s across the area, something that was not seen since Saturday. The rest of the Mid Atlantic should be much warmer as well, with 90+ degrees returning to Virginia.

Meanwhile, the warm front moves through the area, which should set up the potential for thunderstorms, potentially strong to severe, for Friday afternoon and evening. While showers and some thunderstorms are possible on Friday morning, there should be drier conditions in the early afternoon, with thunderstorms affecting the area during the evening hours.

Weekend To Next Week Outlook: Mild, Dry Start

This weekend, unlike last weekend, should be dry and comfortable. With a high pressure in place, we should see mainly sunny skies, with high temperatures in the upper 60s to lower 70s on Saturday, and in the lower to mid 70s on Sunday.

Monday is also expected to be mainly dry with high temperatures in the 70s, though there is indication that rain should return again afterwards. The latest model runs have been consistent in showing potentiall heavy rain, with the potential of 1-2 inches of rain. Despite there still being some uncertainty during this time period, rain and thunderstorms are expected to return by the middle of next week, with the potential for heavy rain amounts.

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