Late Afternoon Updates

There have been some rather significant changes from my forecast that I made this morning, including the temperatures for tonight, the mid week temperatures, and the late week storm. Below are the updates:

1. Due to an increasing ESE wind, temperatures across the immediate coast and the NYC area have significantly dropped, and are now in the 40s and 50s, which was the forecast low for tonight. As a result, in the 5-Day Forecast page, I am lowering tonight’s temperatures to the mid to upper 40s north and west of NYC, and in the lower to mid 40s for NYC and closer to the coast. I also added a mention of areas of fog for the NYC area.

2. The models now show temperatures on Tuesday being warmer than previous days, not colder as was previously shown. As a result, I changed Tuesday’s highs to the mid-upper 70s for the NYC area and in the mid 70s inland, instead of the mid-upper 60s. Wednesday’s forecast remains the same, with highs in the 80s west of New York City.

3. The models continued to trend wetter for the late week storm, and may trend even wetter. As a result, I have issued an Orange Alert for this storm, representing a 30 to 70 percent chance of significant rain or storms. Strong to severe thunderstorms might also be possible, as some factors for severe weather might be in place. Additional information for this storm can be found in the details for the Orange Alert, as well as my previous post.

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