April 24 Evening Update

As I will not be doing an update on Sunday, below is my forecast for Monday, as well as some current storm observations.

Monday’s Forecast:

Monday is expected to be chilly and rainy as well, however there should not be as much rain as Sunday. High temperatures are expected to be generally the same as tomorrow, if not slightly colder, in the lower to mid 50s.

Light rain is expected throughout the day, with rain possibly increasing in intensity by the late afternoon due to the low pressure approaching from our west. Severe thunderstorms will not be a risk for the southern Mid Atlantic on Monday, however some thunderstorms are expected there.

Current Storm Observations:

The rain is quickly increasing in coverage area and intensity, as shown by the latest radar loop, as well as the latest radar image, posted below. Light to occasionally moderate rain is currently falling across the area. Heavier rain is expected to approach from Virginia by later tonight or Sunday morning, however it is possible that a dry slot, currently in northern West Virginia on the radar, keeps the heaviest rain to our south.

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