April 1: Warm Weekend Ahead

My April Outlook has now been posted in the Long Range Forecasts section. I am expecting at this time above average temperatures and slightly below average precipitation this month. The “Stormy Weather Outlook” page continues to be updated daily.


After a relatively warm day today, with highs reaching the 70s in parts of the area, tonight is not going to be as cold as some previous night were, with low temperatures in the lower to mid 40s in the interior, and in the mid to upper 40s in the rest of the area.

Tomorrow should be warmer over the interior, but still chilly over the coast. Highs should be in the mid to upper 70s in the interior areas, and in the lower to mid 70s in the areas closer to New York City, though ocean influence will limit temperatures along the immediate coast, which should stay in the upper 50s to 60s.

Saturday starts to become slightly warmer along the coast, as well as being the warmest day of this warm spell in the interior. High temperatures in the upper 70s are likely in the interior, with temperatures also reaching the mid to upper 70s closer to New York City. In NYC, high temperatures should peak in the lower to mid 70s, and temperatures should be in the 60s along the immediate coast.

Sunday should be the warmest day for places closer to the coast. While the interior is slightly colder, with high temperatures in the mid 70s, the area just inland from the coast in New Jersey should reach the upper 70s, with even lower 80s possible up to interior northeastern New Jersey. The immediate coast should have highs in the 60s, and even some places may reach 70 degrees along the coast.

Forecast For Next Week

Monday will be slightly colder for the rest of the area, with high temperatures in the lower to mid 70s. Even the immediate coast might reach the lower 70s on Monday. Meanwhile, a weak cold front approaches the area, and should bring clouds and isolated showers on Tuesday. Temperatures will also cool down into the lower to mid 60s.

As another storm organizes well north and west of the area, temperatures are expected to be warmer on Wednesday, likely reaching the 70s. On Thursday, the storm moves towards the area, with high temperatures still in the 60s and 70s. The cold front should impact the area between Thursday and Friday, with rain and thunderstorms possible. At this time, the models show only a light precipitation event, however it is possible that it could end up wetter.

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