Mar 4: Mild And Dry Weekend

Cloudy Conditions End Tomorrow, Mild Weekend

After having mainly cloudy skies most of this week except for Monday, tomorrow should be the last day of cloudy to mostly cloudy skies as the storm that briefly affected the area yesterday should exit the northeastern United States. For the short term, no storm is expected to follow it, with dry conditions and mainly sunny skies this weekend.

Temperatures, though, are going to start becoming warmer. While tomorrow should still be a little chilly, by Saturday high temperatures are going to rise into the mid to upper 40s, and some locations may reach 50 degrees in warmer spots. Sunday continues this trend, with widespread temperatures in the 50s. Monday is currently expected to be the warmest day, with some places south of New York City possibly reaching the mid 50s.

Possible Storm Next Week

After the mild conditions that develop, another storm might form mid-late next week. There is still a lot of uncertainty about where the storm tracks as it is still almost a week away, though it is becoming less likely that the storm tracks through the Great Lakes and draws in warmth. The GFS continues with its suppressed storm solution, where it keeps the cold air over the Northeast and forcing the storm to stay south, though I am thinking that it might be too cold with its forecast temperatures, considering that it has tomorrow’s highs only in the mid 30s, when they should be warmer than that.

What is becoming likely is that this storm would track from west to east, which in a normal January pattern would be able to bring a snowstorm to the area or places south of the area. The problem is that in March, the temperatures are warmer than January, and we also barely have a small cold air mass as the warm up over the weekend should remove the cold air out of the area. So whether the storm is suppressed or is further north, the Mid Atlantic is unlikely to get much, if any snow out of this storm. If the storm ends up north of what the GFS shows though, the interior northern Mid Atlantic and the Northeast would end up with a frozen precipitation event, possibly a snowstorm.

What is likely at this time is that temperatures through next week should be near to above average, mainly in the 40s. Whether any precipitation falls, when it does, and in what form is still uncertain and is unlikely to become more certain until at least this weekend.

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