Mar 31: Weekend And Next Week Warmth

***New Blog Additions***

I am now adding 2 new pages to the blog. The first page, titled “Stormy Weather Outlook,” is a brief summary of the weather for the next week or two, which also mentions any possible storm that might affect the area in the longer range. The second page, titled “Storm Summary,” is going to show observed rain or snow amounts from previous storms in the area, occasionally with some radar archieves.


The rain and chilly conditions have finally ended across the area, with dry conditions across the area today. Parts of Pennsylvania yesterday, even the Philadelphia area, ended up seeing sleet and some wet snow out of this storm, with several inches of wet snow accumulating in isolated areas in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Tonight should be relatively chilly, with low temperatures in the mid to upper 30s inland, and in the lower to mid 40s in the New York City area. Tomorrow will already be much warmer, with highs in the lower 70s across the area except for Long Island and the immediate coast, which should stay in the upper 50s and 60s.

Weekend Warm Spell

Friday should be the warmest day across the area since March 20, when temperatures peaked in the mid 70s in parts of the area. While the immediate coast should stay in the 60s, the rest of the area should reach the lower to mid 70s, with the upper 70s in the western half of New Jersey. Saturday and Sunday are both going to be very warm in the area, with highs in the mid to upper 70s away from the coast, and even the immediate coast might reach the upper 60s. High temperatures could reach the 80s up to central or even north central New Jersey.

Overnight temperatures, meanwhile, will be much warmer than they previously were, and should be in the lower to mid 50s across the area except for the immediate coast, which should be slightly colder.

Next Week Outlook

As a weak cold front approaches the area, temperatures are going to be lower on Monday, in the lower 70s. No rain is expected out of this cold front, and partly to mostly cloudy skies are expected at most out of this cold front. High temperatures on Tuesday will be only in the mid to upper 60s, however as another storm organizes itself well west of the area, temperatures are going to be much warmer on Wednesday, as warmer air re-enters the area.

High temperatures on Wednesday and possibly Thursday are likely to be back into the 70s, and even 80 degrees might be possible in some places in the warmer case scenario. The next storm might affect the area late next week, with some rain possible, however details are still uncertain at this time.

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