Mar 26: Soaking Rain Monday, Summer-Like Heat Follows

The storm this morning failed to bring snow to much of the area, as temperatures were not cold enough. Yesterday, I noted the potential for some flakes away from the coast if it was cold enough, however temperatures ended up warmer than the models showed, and with precipitation having quickly moved out over the morning, we did not end up with snow.

It is currently mainly sunny across most of the region, with more clouds further east. Skies are expected to be clear tonight, and with the cold air mass in place, temperatures should drop into the 20s overnight, and into the 10s further north and west. Tomorrow will be sunny and chilly, with high temperatures in the lower to mid 40s across the area.

Several Inches Of Heavy Rain Possible On Monday

As I have mentioned over the past few days, a storm with heavy rain should impact the area on Monday, with the potential for over an inch of rain. At this time, light rain should start falling on Sunday night, and should intensify overnight and become moderate to heavy on Monday. The heaviest rain should end by Monday evening, though additional rain is expected through at least Tuesday afternoon.

The latest model solutions except for the GFS are showing a very wet solution with this storm, with some models showing up to 2 inches of rain across the area. This storm should be a relatively strong storm, and while there is still uncertainty on small details, such as the axis of heavy rain and the amounts, rainfall amounts of potentially 1 to 3 inches are possible on Monday, with locally higher amounts.

Summer-Like Heat To Follow Rain

After the rain ends, despite Tuesday still being chilly, Wednesday should be much warmer, with high temperatures already reaching the upper 50s to potentially the lower 60s for parts of the area. Thursday’s high temperatures are expected to be in the 60s, and Friday may bring the return of 70+ degrees to the area.

Afterwards, though, it’s only going to get warmer. While most models have not reached the weekend time frame yet, we should see temperatures well into the 70s this weekend, with 80+ degrees even possible in the warmer case scenario. While there is still uncertainty on exactly how warm it gets, this warm spell should bring an early taste of summer for the area.

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