Mar 22: Flooding Potential Tonight

After a week of dry conditions, rain returns once again to the area today. There is already generally light rain with occasional moderate/heavy rain falling across the area, and the rain is expected to intensify into tonight, when it may be heavy at times. Flooding is possible once again especially near rivers, as some places still have flooding due to the storm last weekend, and this rain storm will bring additional flooding issues to these areas. Thunder is also possible tonight in the heavier rain showers. The rain should end by tomorrow afternoon, with 1 to 2 inches of rain possible, with locally higher amounts possible in northwestern New Jersey.

Late Week/Weekend Outlook: Light Rain, Then Dry

After dry conditions briefly return for the middle of the week, another storm, but weaker, approaches the area by Friday. Light to moderate rain is expected out of this storm, with rainfall amounts relatively low, preventing additional flooding. As a colder air mass is approaching behind this storm, some snow may mix in the higher elevations of NW NJ, but unless the snow falls moderate to heavy, little to no accumulation is expected.

Saturday will be noticeably colder than the past few weeks, with high temperatures in the 40s across the area, colder than the average for this time of the year. Sunday will already begin warming up, with temperatures returning into the 50s for parts of the area and staying in the 40s inland.

Storm Potential Early Next Week

The next storm potential returns by early next week. The cold air mass should mainly exit by this time, and while some of it will be left over, it should not be enough to produce a snowstorm for most of, if not all of the area.

There is still uncertainty on the storm track, which can take a coastal track or an inland track. If it takes a coastal track, then it should be able to pull at least some cold air, and the result could be a snowstorm for the interior Northeast, a little snow possible in the higher elevations of the NW parts of the area, and a cold rain for the rest of the area. If it tracks inland though, the storm would also draw warmer air, and result in another rainstorm and a cold front passage for the area.

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