Mar 16: Warmth Continues, Rain Returns Sunday Night

Warm Conditions Continue

The warm spell will continue to affect the area, with high temperatures in the mid 60s for the rest of this week, occasionally in the upper 60s for the New York City area and in the lower 60s for the interior locations and the immediate coast/Long Island. Saturday should be the warmest day of this warm spell, with temperatures in the upper 60s to lower 70s across the area except for the immediate coast, which should be in the lower 60s. Sunday will also be warm, with temperatures peaking in the upper 60s except for the immediate coast, where highs should be in the lower 60s.

Rain And Potential Thunderstorms Sunday Night

During the warm spell, a storm will form in the Plains, and is expected to intensify while moving northeast. This will draw in cold air from Canada, while the storm’s cold front approaches the area. At this time, it appears that the cold front passes through Sunday night, which if it does happen, then thunderstorms are possible Sunday in the late afternoon, mainly west of New York City, though there is still uncertainty on the exact timing of the cold front. When it does affect the area, most likely between Sunday night and Monday morning, potentially heavy rain could fall with it, however there should not be as much rain as the storm last weekend had.

Colder Conditions Briefly Return Next Week

After the cold front passes through, temperatures will cool down on Monday as colder air approaches the area. While not a very cold air mass, it should be cold enough to bring below average temperatures, with high temperatures in the upper 40s and lows in the 20s in the interior areas and 30s towards the coast. As a high pressure approaches once again by the middle of the week, these colder conditions should be relatively short lived. If this scenario plays out, then temperatures would warm up again mid-late next week.

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