Mar 14: Additional Rain Tonight, Warmth This Week

Additional Rain Through Tomorrow

The storm was at its worst yesterday, bringing heavy rain, flooding, and strong winds to the area. The storm has calmed down since then, though scattered showers and also some thunderstorms continue to affect the area.

The low pressure is expected to move close to the area again tonight before moving out tomorrow, which should bring another round of rain, though nowhere near as heavy as the rain last night was. At least an additional 1/4 to 1/2 inch of rain should fall by tomorrow afternoon before the storm exits the area. Scattered snow showers are also possible in the higher elevations of interior southeastern New York.

Warm Conditions Later This Week

After the chilly conditions that this storm brought, we are looking at the return to warmth later this week. A high pressure will bring sunshine once again to the area, with temperatures steadily warming up. By mid to late week, we could already be looking at the return of 60 degrees. By next weekend, temperatures could potentially reach the mid-upper 60s, with 70 degrees possible south of New York City.

Some models are hinting that the next storm to affect the area would be early next week. There is still uncertainty on what happens, but one possible scenario that the models show would be a storm tracking well to our north and west, bringing a cold front with rain, followed by chilly conditions.

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