Mar 1: Light Rain/Snow On Wednesday

Note: The usual 3 day forecasts that I do have been moved to a separate page. You can find the page in the top right corner of the page, in a link titled “3 Day Area Forecast“.


Light Rain And Snow On Wednesday:

The storm that I mentioned in my update on Saturday now appears to be mainly suppressed, with the main impact area being south of Washington DC. The storm did not trend north/west, but it also did not trend much south/east. As a result, we are looking at a storm moving out of the southeast and moving northeast offshore, intensifying along the way. The storm should be far east enough to prevent heavy snow from once again returning to the major cities from Washington DC to New York City, but some snow should make it to the cities. The heaviest snowfall at this time appears to stay further south, towards Virginia and the northern parts of the Southeast.

For the New York City area, expect light snow, possibly mixed with rain, to start tomorrow night, and to continue through the day on Thursday. Up to an inch of snow is expected, with locally higher amounts.

Below is the scenario we are currently looking at. There should be widespread light snow in the Northeast with no more than 1-2 inches. The light snow continues until at least the central Mid Atlantic, with an area of moderate snow further south. The moderate snow area could end up with 2-4 inches of snow, with locally higher amounts.

First Widespread Warm Up Since Late January Next Weekend

Since January 25, when a storm tracking well to our north and west brought temperatures into the 50s and 60s across the area, temperatures have remained near average, with high temperatures generally in the 30s and 40s. However, next weekend appears as if it should temporarily end this spell of chilly temperatures.

After the mid week storm exits, we have a widespread area of chilly temperatures in the East. By the late week, however, a high pressure should approach the Southeast coast, which will bring warmer temperatures to the East Coast while pushing the cold airmass out of the area. Temperatures will be on the rise through next weekend, with high temperatures approaching 50 degrees on Sunday. By Monday, high temperatures could end up being in the 50s across the area.

During that time, however, we may see a storm start to form in the Plains. The storm should start heading east or northeast, taking a track that could take it close to the Great Lakes. There is still uncertainty on whether this storm will continue moving north and east with no transfer, or if it transfers its energy to another storm further south and east. Whether that does or does not happen, we are possibly looking at a rain storm during the middle of next week, with above average temperatures.

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