Feb 25-26 Storm Updates

1:24 PM: The snow is now becoming much more scattered in its coverage area, with the sun visible in some places. As the afternoon continues, expect snow squalls to continue rotating through the area, slowly weakening. As temperatures are also rising and are above freezing in most of the area, the snow will have a hard time accumulating on paved surfaces, and in some places it may not accumulate at all.

9:35 AM: An area of generally light snow with moderate to heavy bands is currently affecting the area. Snow totals are over 10 inches across most of the area with the main exceptions being Long Island and Connecticut, with parts of northern New Jersey over 20 inches. The snow bands are slowly starting to weaken, with the result being a widespread area of light to moderate snow by later this morning. Additional accumulations of 1 to 2 inches of snow are possible by 12 PM, with locally higher amounts.

6:12 AM: After several hours of wind-blown heavy snow last night across most of the region, the northern edge of the snow band has reached Southeast New York and is moving south. While the northwestern areas might get a break from the snow for a while, there are more snow bands forming over the Long Island Sound and southern Connecticut. For the short term, these bands will likely impact New York City, southern Connecticut and Long Island, however they will not be as heavy as the snow bands that affected the area last night.

Thursday, February 26

9:40 PM: Heavier snow is now starting to make its way into parts of Northeastern New Jersey and New York City. These bands are having a hard time moving south and west, however they should be able to move more south/west through tonight. As the temperatures are dropping, the snow is no longer a wet snow in most locations, and it has higher ratios, meaning that it should accumulate faster if it does fall heavy. As winds are also increasing, expect visibility to decrease to less than 1/4 mile at times, with blowing snow also reducing visibilities.

7:32 PM: After the heavy precipitation/snow ended across parts of the area between 3-6 PM, another round of moderate to heavy precipitation is currently located over Long Island and Connecticut, and is generally moving west. For those areas that saw a break in the precipitation, expect it to resume and intensify in the next 1-2 hours. The heaviest snow should enter southeastern New York and move towards northwestern New Jersey, with moderate snow/precipitation moving into New York City and Northeast New Jersey. Central New Jersey should not get affected by these bands yet, however in a few hours that area will also start to see the snow intensify.

1:29 PM: A heavy band of precipitation is currently expanding from off the coast towards western Long Island, and north towards Albany. The current rain/snow line is approximately in western Long Island towards southeastern New York, with places south/west of that line seeing snow and north/east of that line seeing rain.

In places where rain is falling, expect moderate to heavy rain to continue falling throughout the day, with up to 1/2 to 1 inch of rain possible. Snow will begin mixing this evening in the western parts of the area currently seeing rain, and will expand eastwards. In places where it is snowing, expect to see more of the wet snow falling today, with additional accumulations through 5 PM generally between 2 and 5 inches.

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