11 AM Storm Update

The storm took a few unexpected turns last night and this morning. The coastal low did not develop as far north as originally thought, over southern NJ instead of over NYC, which is why I lowered my forecast amounts last night. However, the storm’s snow then moved north, with heavy snow entering Connecticut, Long Island and SE NY, with several inches accumulating there.

More snow from the upper level low in Pennsylvania then managed to move east past Pennsylvania, which is currently affecting the area, bringing an additional several inches of snow to the region. While northern New Jersey currently has the lower totals out of the area, most of the area has more than 2 inches of snow as of now.

This snowstorm, with several inches of snow, will bring the monthly snow totals even higher than they were up to today. In fact, some places may make this their snowiest month since February 2003, and there’s still 12 more days left of the month.

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