Light Snow Map for Friday

Map Created: January 5, 2010
Time Period: January 7-8, 2010
Precipitation Type: Snow

Storm set up: An Alberta Clipper is expected to move through the Ohio Valley, producing moderate snow in that region, and is expected to move towards West Virginia before transferring its energy to a weak, fast moving coastal low that moves away from the region.

Details: The clipper will produce snow amounts of about 3 to 6 inches up to western Pennsylvania and far western New York. The Appalachian Mountains will act as a barrier for the snow, and the clipper will then transfer its energy to a weak storm offshore. This would leave places east of the Appalachians with a light snowfall, generally less than an inch, though with cold temperatures resulting in high snow ratios, some places could be looking at locally higher snowfall amounts with up to 2 inches. The general bust zone with the smallest snow totals is currently expected to be in southern Maine extending to Massachusetts, however this could also end up extending towards New York City if the actual scenario ends up being drier than currently expected.

Forecast for NYC Tri-State Area: Light snow showers will start on Thursday night and continue through Friday, with total accumulations less than an inch of snow.

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