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June 5, 2016: Severe Thunderstorms Possible Today

This year has been off to a slow start with regards to severe thunderstorms, with the only notable outbreak thus far having occurred in February. The first notable severe weather potential of the summer is expected today as a squall line approaches the area late this evening, producing heavy rainfall and frequent lightning with a risk of strong wind gusts and small hail, although the highest severe weather risk will remain south of the area. Drier and cooler conditions will return for the upcoming week, however, as an unseasonably cool air mass returns to the region.


June 5, 2016 Forecast Summary



Welcome to the relaunched NYC Area Weather! Following a period of inactivity, more frequent updates to this website will resume starting today (6/2/2016). New features are currently in the works; among them is a newly-available Weather Model page, featuring real-time GFS and NAM forecast data.

The relaunch was planned to be accompanied by a new design, although the originally planned design was affected by significant bugs in the code. In the meantime, this design will be used temporarily through the summer and fall months.

This will be used as the home page, displaying information about the latest available forecast and any other blog news. Forecast pages are now split into 2 sections:

Forecast Summary – Brief overview of the latest forecast highlights and the outlook for the week ahead. This page is designed for short and easy to read forecasts without the more complex meteorological concepts, and will be updated the most frequently.

Analysis – In-depth posts about the latest forecasts and/or any meteorological feature of interest. This section will be updated less frequently, but will feature longer and more detailed meteorological analyses. Posts from the previous version of the blog are archived here as well.