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*** NYC Area Weather Relaunch ***


NYC Area Weather is being re-launched as of Sunday, January 1, 2017. Plenty of new features are on the way for this upcoming year, some of which will be made available within the next few days. Posts will resume as well, but will be made in a different format than in prior years, with an emphasis on quality meteorological analysis, while brief forecast impact-oriented summaries will be posted in a separate page.

The update schedule is as follows:

Monday, January 2: Resumption of forecast posts

Tuesday, January 3: New, upgraded model-page featuring GFS, NAM and 4k-NAM graphics

Wednesday, January 4: Prototype of new, probabilistic-oriented 7-Day Outlook (point & click forecasts will follow at a later date)

February 1: New theme for the blog (preliminary), as well as a new historical weather data section

Thanks for following the blog over the last few years and I hope to continue to provide quality analyses and products throughout the upcoming year!